Tooth pain


That is what you need to do:

  • Identify the problem

  • Follow given advice

  • Get results – Pain relief

The main goal of this tool is to give a patient an opportunity to test and identify the real problems, so you can take action and get a solution to you tooth pain. The most important is to know what to do and get the right direction.

Few reasons, for me to make this site

Here is some positive feedback and testimonials we received:

I was a little skeptical about this site to be honest, but I had no other options. My dentist refused to see me, the only available appointment was in 3 weeks. I had a painful dental abscess and after completing your test, I followed your advice with Antibiotics. Luckily I had amoxicillin from the last time and I took it straight away. Next morning I felt such a relief – tooth pain was gone, just had to deal with a swelling.

I will recommend this site to my friends. There is no worse feeling, than this tooth pain, pulsating swelling.


I have found this website quite useful at the first glance, but was annoyed that after completing all these tests, I was diverted back to a dentist.

At least I was not wasting my time any longer and booked an appointment.

Just wanted to say thanks, cause my dentist found that I need a root canal.


I had a tooth pain for a week. Accidentally, I stumbled upon this site and did the test. It works – I found out I had a cracked tooth.

Many thanks


Hi, you are totally awesome, the tooth pain has gone completely. I wish I had known your website 2 weeks ago – that would had saved me sleepless nights. I liked the test – it is so easy!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had a major wisdom tooth extraction recently and I was in so much pain. I thought the tooth was killing, but after tooth extraction it was even worse. Luckily my friend Tracy told me about your site. A worm compress and painkillers did the trick, I wish my dentist have told me that.

Anyway, thanks for advice.


tooth pain Testimonial

What is tooth pain?

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