Lost filling dental emergency

Broken tooth or/and lost filling

1 Do you have any pain at the moment?

A Yes, I have a severe pain all the time and it is irradiating to my ear and/or across the jaw

B The pain is occasional only if I drink or eat something

C Does it come and go without any reason?

D There is no pain

2 When did you broke your toooth or lost the filling?

A A day ago

B A week ago

C A month ago

3 Can you describe the pain?

A It is a throbbing pain

B It is a stabing pain

C It is a sharp pain

D It is a dull pain

E It is a just a sensitivity

4 What irritative agents make it worse?

A Cold food or drinks?

B Hot food or drinks?

C Just breathing heavily through your mouth.

D Chewing – I can not eat      there is a loose/sharp piece

1bd  you need a normal fill asap

Ok, it looks like you have the inner tooth exposed and it needs to be filled as soon as possible.

Lost filling dental emergency

What to do

DenTek toothache kit is a temporary filling material which you could by in most of the pharmacies. You have to make sure the hole is as clean as possible (no food or plaque left) and for the good retention results best if you could make it dry (extremely difficult). Temporary filling has a eugenol (derived from clove oil) which calms down the nerve and kills some of bacteria around. But remember, you still have to see your dentist.

What not to do

Do not wait till condition gets worse, see you dentist  as soon as possible to have apermenent filling

1ac you need rct

Ok, it looks like the inner tooth is exposed and most likely the pulp (nerve) is inflamed and that is why you have so much pain.

What to do

You can use opioid analgesics co-codamol 8/500 containing codeine phosphate 8 mg and on paracetamol 500 mg 0.5–1 g every 4–6 hours to a max. of 4 g daily.

The most common pain reliever for dental pain is Ibuprofen and it’s relatives (NSAIDs) if you can take them).  Over-the-counter It is sold in 200 mg tablets and directions on the box are to take two every 4-6 hours.  This is a very low dose and four, or even six tablets will be much more effective in the beginning, but try not to exceed 800mg limit .

What not to do

In this case only the dentist can relief the pain completely by extirpating (removing) the nerve. So do not wait and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

4d if you can remove the loose cusp

You have a loose cusp, which is cutting into the gum and causing pain. The best way to get rid of the pain is to remove a loose cusp. It would be the best if you could see the dentist, so he/she could assess the damage and treat the tooth accordingly.

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